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The sun is shining, school is out and the weather couldn't be better. With the 2022-23 season now in the rearview, a crop of Turkish TV shows to watch to Seriale Turcesti 2025 keep you busy in between your beach trips has dropped and we’ve got you covered with our guide to the season’s most sizzling series.

This suspenseful drama follows Oğuz, who has relocated with his children to a seaside town after losing his wife.

One day, he saves a young woman named Defne and welcomes her into his home. Her presence brings a glimmer of hope back into their lives. However, when Defne regains her memory, she discovers she was a con artist and must stay hidden. How long can she keep her secret safe?

Will Oğuz find out about the dangerous mob she's hiding from and how will it affect their relationship?

Inspired by a true story, Üvey Anne follows the story of Faruk Gencer, a widowed father who has dedicated her life to catering to his children. Recovering from the loss of his wife, Faruk finds solace in his assistant Serap, unaware of her true intentions. In fact, Serap had initially accepted the assignment because her boss Faruk needed someone trained to take care of the children at home. After all, she knew Faruk Gencer's daughters Nisan (17), Naz (14) and son Ömer (5-6) very well and was well-liked by them. But when Serap, who was born in the outbuildings of Efsun's mother Piraye Beyzade's house in Muğla, settled in Faruk's mansion, she asked herself "Why?". "Why can't I have it all?" After all, she had started life with a zero deficit because she was born not in the Beyzad's mansion in Muğla but in the outbuilding twenty meters away from it. But now Faruk Gencer, whom she knew very well, was a great opportunity for her to close this gap! Yes, Serap had never dreamed of marrying a man with three children. But that was a later issue. Now she had to enter not only the home but also the heart of this man who was very devoted to his children, and she had to roll up her sleeves as soon as possible to become Serap Gencer!

Doğan is a very smart, very deep man. He was psychologically and sociologically abused while growing up and he protected himself by creating his own island in his mind. This is why he attracts people like a magnet. In the midst of boring and repetitive relationships and uncreative family models, Doğan is lucky to find his soul mate, but Melike has a different code and cannot let Doğan into her life. As a young woman severely crippled by her mother, she always goes after what is presented as rational, not what her heart desires.

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